packing meals.


It seems like everyone I know is busy juggling school, work, hobbies, volunteering, exercise and socializing. A crazy schedule can mean a lot of meals packed from home, which can get a little dispiriting. All the same, packing meals saves money and time, and makes it a lot easier and cheaper to eat healthy. Here are a few tips to help you stick with packing your meals.


Tip 3 in action


1. Mix Up Your Regular
If you love hummus + veg (I certainly do) don’t be afraid to switch up the veggies and/or to add new spices or lemon juice to your hummus. Try a new variation every week!
2. Re-use Ingredients
Re-purpose the main ingredient in one meal into another. A single chicken breast can go a long way, but so can a big batch of roasted veggies, mashed sweet potato or roasted chickpeas.
3. Invest in Lots of Different Sized Containers and Put them to Good Use
Meals with wet and dry elements always taste fresher and have a more appetizing texture when they haven’t been sitting around. Don’t be afraid to assemble art of your meal at school/work. For example I made roasted veggie + goat cheese wraps and packed the wrap, veggies and cheese individually and then put it all together when I was ready to eat. Totally worth an extra 30 seconds of dishes.
4. Rely on Resources Out & About
Microwaves are actually all over the place, you just have to scope them out. Also cafés and coffee shops usually provide hot water free of charge. This means you can bring a frozen soup from home, or make noodles fresh! Check out this recipe:
5. Allow Yourself a Treat
Packing meals and eating healthy go hand in hand, but sometimes a little treat can go a long way. Whether you pack a treat from home or allow yourself to buy a latte or a date square, having a little treat to look forward to can make it easier to stick to your packed meals.


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