lavender london fog.


A warm drink can improve even the worst of days, and if you’re stuck in cold winter weather, that goes double.

This is my spin on a coffee shop classic, but if you prefer the traditional London Fog, the switch couldn’t be easier.

You’ll need:
—A mason jar (or other small microwave-safe container with a  water-tight lid)
—1 Lavender Earl Grey tea bag (I used Twining’s) — you can just use plain Earl Grey if you prefer
—Vanilla Bean Baste (plain old vanilla extract will do so long as it’s 100% natural never ever artificial, but I just love the little flecks of vanilla bean you get with the paste)
—Optional: a sweetener like sugar, honey, agave
—Optional: a few dried lavender buds



How to:
Place milk, vanilla and sweetener in your mason jar and microwave for 30 seconds.
Screw the lid onto the jar of warm milk and shake, shake, shake.
While you’re shaking steep the tea as directed (2-3 minutes is usually ideal).
When the tea is steeped remove the bag and pour in the frothed milk. Place a spoon against the edge of the jar as you pour to catch the foam.
Spoon the foam on top and garnish with lavender buds if you have them

This method could easily be used with any kind of tea, although I’m partial to the London Fog. What’s your favourite?




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