broccoli croquettes.


Back to school means lots of things, and they’re not all strictly academic. I always buy some new clothes, savour the last summer days with sunshine and iced coffees, and of course, prep meals for the busy months to come. I’ve been looking for recipes that make nice big batches, use wholesome, filling ingredients, and freeze well for quick meals on hectic days. These have been a major hit so far. They’re super easy to make, only have a few simple ingredients (which are usually kicking around my fridge anyways), and deliver a big dose of flavour while still being fairly light.

They’re also vegetarian (with cheese and almonds as protein sources) and naturally gluten-free!

This recipe was marketed as a vegetarian “meatball” but I think that name doesn’t do their delicious flavour justice. These guys aren’t just a knock-off meatball! Besides, anything sounds fancy when you call it a croquette, and I’m all for adding a little fancy to my weeknights.


Here I’ve shown two ways to enjoy these treats (with marinara for dipping, and on a mini naan with roasted garlic hummus, cucumber and siracha) but they’re super versatile! You could try them with a lemony pasta like this one, toss them in a salad, or make them in a larger sized muffin pan for a funky veggie burger alternative.

Check out the recipe here and enjoy!






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