cherry + almond + white chocolate.


Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom + almondy cookies = a perfect match

I’m starting to feel like this is becoming a cookie blog. I do have a serious love affair with any buttery, hand-held sweets, but there will be more variety to come, I promise! The next recipe is going to be vegetarian AND gluten free, so there. But truly, these cookies were so good, I couldn’t NOT share them.

These are barely recognizable as a chocolate chip cookie. I mean the only chocolate they have is white, which isn’t even really chocolate technically…

It’s definitely an unconventional spin, but one that I’m on board with. These cookies are tart, sweet, fruity, creamy and just a little bit boozy. They are also quite pretty if I do say so myself.

Pick your favourite chocolate chip cookie dough, or check out these recommendations.

Then mix in:

With the eggs and vanilla extract:
2 tbsp. amaretto liquor

In place of chocolate chips:
1/4 cup Dried cherries (These should look more like dried cranberries than clown noses – real dried cherries have a strong, all-natural flavour)
1/4 cup White chocolate chips
1/4 cup Blanched, sliced almonds


Seriously caramelized edges.

Mix it up, bake, and enjoy! I recommend checking on these bad boys a little earlier (2-3 minutes) because the extra sugar in the dough means they can cook more quickly. It also means glorious caramelized edges, as evidenced above. Yum!








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