for every home [part i].


As I often mention this is my first year living away from home in my own place (rather than a dorm). This makes me the exact opposite of an expert about houses and homes in general – other than the fact that I read a lot of blogs and lots of this brilliant, funny and sometimes seriously helpful lady. That said, there’s something about starting from fresh that’s made me stop to consider certain things about building a home.

Basically, I’ve decided to start a series of posts centered around the idea of things every home should have. Some of these come with time, I certainly didn’t buy/find everything in my apartment in one go, and everyone prioritizes things differently, but I think these things and skills go a long way in making your home pleasant for yourself and inviting to others.

1. Equipment (and ability) to be able to make a half-decent cup of tea and coffee.

Whether or not you drink these daily, or only enjoy them when desired or required, this is pretty much the most basic thing to be able to offer a guest. Even just having the equipment makes it easier to run to the store for the drink itself – no need to keep a pound of coffee in the cupboard if you don’t drink it, but no reason you shouldn’t be able to make the drink.

photo 2

Also, a warm beverage is surprisingly helpful in a crisis.

All you really need is a kettle, a piece of coffee equipment (French Press or Pour-Over are affordable options) a tea strainer (if you like loose leaf) and the dry version of the beverages themselves.

Plus, some cute infographics: mixes / coffee / if you’re desperate, or just inventive

Again, it’s ok to start small, maybe just have what you need for tea or coffee.

Next time: 2. Art you’ve made


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