Emma's cupcake, see more of her pictures here.

Emma’s cupcake, see more of her pictures here.

I’ve always loved entertaining. I threw my first real “party” (with guests that were people, and not just stuffed animals) when I was maybe 5. Even then I remember wanting to make each guest feel special with personalized table settings. I was a bit of a strange kid. But there really is something so special about anything personalized. Who doesn’t love something that’s been made especially for them?

Monogrammed pumpkin shortbread

Monogrammed pumpkin shortbread

My roommates and I finally christened our new place by having some friends over, and I wanted to make something special. In order to personalize these ginger cupcakes with salted caramel frosting I added pumpkin shortbread decorated with chocolate monograms. I love the idea of everyone picking out their own special treat.

I loved this idea so much, I thought of a variation:  cut your cookie dough into squares, and decorate them like Scrabble tiles. These would be awesome for a board game night. There are so many possibilities!



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