lavender whoopie piesThis is a throwback to summer. Over the course of the four months in Ottawa I attended a few potlucks. Not only are they ideal for 40 students living away from home socializing on a budget, but potlucks are also just a  great way to try a little bit of all kinds of foods.

Step 1: Lavender Infusion

Step 1: Lavender Infusion

At the one potluck I attended we were asked to bring foods that represented who we are. The pressure was on. I finally landed on these lavender whoopie pies. They’re a little quirky, a little prissy, a little mature, and a kind of adorable, but mostly they’re sweet. Okay, so maybe I over-thought it, but regardless, despite being a touch labour-intensive, these bad boys are super unique and a great way to highlight the lavender flavour.



Lavender has always been soothing for me ever since, when I was about 7, my mom gave me a sachet to keep under my pillow to keep bad dreams away. Here’s hoping you’re all having lavender days!


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